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About the Pasture

The MHA pasture serves the dual purpose of providing a safe and enjoyable riding and boarding space for active members of the MHA, and protecting a scenic watershed on EBMUD land near the Upper San Leandro Reservoir. Our EBMUD lease allows us to board up to sixteen horses at the MHA facility, with pasture lease rates that are tied to market prices for beef. As stewards of EBMUD land, we adhere to a management plan and take responsibility for a substantial amount of pasture maintenance and weed management. 

Access to the Pasture is through a locked gate at 423 Canyon Rd., Moraga.

Boarding in the Pasture

The MHA Pasture provides a scenic and spacious home for several member horses. Despite its beauty and appeal, the pasture is a challenging environment for horses as well as owners. Seasonal fluctuations in the quality of pasture feed make it necessary for owners to monitor horse health closely, and not all horses can maintain healthy weight even with supplemental feed. Our lease agreement with EBMUD requires a great deal of pasture maintenance and weeding by hand. Pasture boarders and members who are on the pasture waiting list must meet annual requirements for pasture maintenance work. The MHA Pasture is a valuable resource for experienced members of our club, but is not appropriate for everyone. We encourage beginning equestrians and arena-focused riders to explore other local facilities where more support and amenities are available.

Pasture Management and Organization

The MHA Pasture Manager is Laura Fend. 
Members interested in pasture boarding are encouraged to read our introductory letter and fill out a pasture boarding application. 

Please visit the EBMUD website for more information on the Range Resource Management Plan.



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